Friday, October 28, 2005

Random Rantings Collected from the Last Couple Days

How many times do we have to go over this??? No, I am NOT a neocon. YES, I am a free thinker. It seems as if to me that it is just a matter of time before we get someone in office that you like that we will hear plenty of political rhetoric spewing onto the pages of your blog, defending what you think is "right." Pick your candidate, ride your pony to the end. You know this crap is right around the corner. In the mean time, Iraq will be cleaned up, there will be peace for a short amount of time, the government will grow bigger, and we will continue to spin into a strange world where will we eventually lose our rights.

The question is not of what I say now, not of what I defend, not of what I believe, not of what you will call me, but of what will come down the pipe. Who or what is next? What will you be? What will you defend? Whom will you defend? When will we get our country back? HMMMM?

I see a lot of bullshit happening al around me. It cost the state of Wisconsin $46 million to insure 22,199 people. This is in supplement to the health care already being provided by their employers. Sad isn't it. I hate it. Why do we live in this welfare state? What are we going to do about the astronomical rise of health care prices? I suppose that is all the fault of current legislation right now too. It sucks for me and anyone. We who work to provide for ourselves have to pay health insurance twice. For myself, and some schlub who doesn't wanna work and would rather suckle the tit of the gov't.

What about the astronomical cost of oil? Is the government going to supplement poor people who want to drive too? Are my tax dollars going to fill their tanks? HMMM? Let's just bitch about it and not find a solution. Let's let the environmentalists lobby to prevent an oil company or two from building a couple new refineries. Save the whales they say. Well, I'm not buying it. Prices here are too high, but instead of trying to find a solution, they blame it on big oil and all the republican politicians who are supposedly in the pocket of the oil companies. BUILD A FU&%ING REFINERY! There is your solution. Tap the oil now as to prevent the increase in the future. There are your solutions.

What about manufacturing? HMM? Well, what of it? It's gone. Gone. Why? Slave labors government and communist socialist states sucking up all the contracts. There you have it. So, what will you do? HMM? What are you going to do about it? You could support legislation that enacts FAIR trade. Trade sanctions taking into account the cost of manufacturing here vs. RedChina/Brazil/RedKorea/Mexico. We are losing out here. So what? I saved $0.59 on a pair of jeans to cut out some guys job in the states. What do you think I would do. Well, am I an economist? Am I a globalist? No, I am a gun totin' red blooded patriotic AMERICAN! Fuck them all. I don't give two shits about someone in another country. I don't care what they want, what they think, what they do. It doesn't affect me, it only affects those around me. They are overseas, not around me. I would rather put my neighbor to work than some two bit twit overseas. FAIR Trade legislation would make this possible. If it costs me this much for an American product, and this much for a Chinese product, which do I buy. Where is the quality? Answer that for yourself. I can't do it for you.

Here it comes! It's inevitable. I know what you are thinking. I know what you are dying to say. Well, too bad. The products I sell that are imported have a tariff already on them, and they come from democratic, well developed countries. They are competitive in price, and aren't driving the market into a frenzy. The Domestics are shooting themselves in the foot right now, so don't try to go there.

Just random ramblings, all floating around, out on black and white now. There. Chew on that you nay sayers.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bush vs. Hollywood

Here is an incredibly fascinating article from Steve Czaban at Czaban does some sports commentary on a couple of local radio programs and morning shows that I am familiar with. This article was forwarded to me by a friend and proved for very good reading, front to back. Taking a line from Ann Coulter, info you need to know in case you must argue with a liberal.

Basically the article goes into Bush and key cabinet members educations vs. educations of frequent Hollywood nay-sayers whose typical liberal response to any piece of argumentative commentary is, "Durh, the president is stupid!"

A good read.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We live in a capitalist, free market society, right? Yeah, last time I checked, we do.

And in this capitalist, free market society, we have the right to make purchasing decisions based on facts/opinions/beliefs/feelings, right? That's what I thought.

So, why would I buy (or sell for that matter) something not built here in the good ol' U S of A? Because I live in a friggin' capitalist free market society, dumbass!!!!!

Definition: Communism. would have us believe that communism means "A theoretical economic system characterized by the collective ownership of property and by the organization of labor for the common advantage of all members." Also see UAW, or for you simpletons, the United Auto Workers Union, where equal pay is doled out for un-equal work.

You see people, I sell product that I believe in. I sell product that has draw. I sell product I know I can sell to my clientele without having to bury them 6 feet deep, so as I can see them in three years to sell them another car. I sell product because I like it, and it SELLS! Done. Period. No other reasons. That's it. GM, FoMoCo and DamChry make a nice product, but not nice enough for me to buy or sell at this current moment. I cannot sell or buy it because I don't like it and do not believe in it. To sell it would be asinine, and do nothing but feed lazy pig headed greedy UAW workers who are draining the life out of companies who can't afford to now develop new product.

'Nuf Said!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Brock Yates Confirms It....

I love saying I told you so. I love it. I have been talking about this for months now on this page, and have gotten little feedback to such a crucial issue. Now, it's out there just a little bit more, and, hopefully someone will pick up on it and do something about it (AHEM! GM, FoMoCo, and DamChry).

In the latest November 2005 issue of Car and Driver ole Brock Yates rambles on about the downward spiral of the "Big Three" (or should we say diminishing three?). Market share continues to dwindle, and it doesn't look to pretty. Experts (Brock, of course, himself being one) predict that market share for the "Big Three" will fall below 50% in 2006. Considering that in the 1970s that GM ALONE controlled over 50% of the market, this is looking pretty grim.

Brock in his infinite wisdom did offer up a couple of solutions, but in my opinion missed the most important one.... BUILD A PRODUCT PEOPLE WANT TO F&&*%NG BUY!

Thank you, I'm here all week.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Vacation from work, life, blogging, et al. See you all again(in comment form) following Oct. 13th. Til then, best of everything to everyone. Bye.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hybrid Hype

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! I have been saying this for a while, but no one seems to care.... Thank God for the boys at who have debunked the over hyped hybrid vehicles available on the market. For the article, go here and scroll down about half way to get the whole scoop.

'Nuf Said.

A diesel VW, btw, carries only a $1500 premium....

Another Societal Issue.....

A couple of weeks back, I blogged about the prostitot. Well, the issue came up in conversation. Feel free to let me know how you feel about this issue, especially those women readers, I'd like your opiniona.

The premise of the discussion was that I felt that women and young ladies that dress in a questionable nature bring negative attention upon themselves from all types of people, mostly men. Men whom may just try and smooth talk them, men who oogle, and men who may have disturbing intentions. The latter whom may be rapists, stalkers, etc. DO NOT misunderstand me on this point. The afforementioned latter and their intentions and actions are not condoned by me in any way. The disgusting predaory nature of these men should put them behind bars, period. But, it is not until they get caught that they will end up where they belong. Thus they have the ability to carry out with their cruel intentions.

I personally belive the media has had a huge impact on young ladies and their tendencies now. Let's all admit it, SEX does sell. It especially sells clothing, makeup, and most importantly a lifestyle. Unfortunately many of these young ladies fall victim to advertising and follow suit. The media sure does play a card in this hand, but it is not what I am getting at.

The point that I want to make is that if a woman or a young lady dresses in a questionable nature, she invites the negative attention that comes with. In most cases, she is fully aware of this impact her actions have. So does she carry fault for what may happen to her? In some degree, I say yes. Fire at me if you will, but think about it. No one is holding a gun to anyone's head here.

Feel free to comment, I stand by my thoughts.

The Glory of Work?

Hola amigos... It's been a long time since I rapped at ya and I'm sorry for that. Came home from the bar and decided to hit up the blog.

I've been thinking about this since my used car manager (who knows EVERYTHING btw, God bless him) had made a point. We had been discussing my generation and the upcoming one. It seems as if to him that these generations want everything, NOW. No waiting in the buffet line of life. They want to jump right to the front. Live for now and spend money on whatever. After arguing with him on why I didn't think that I necessarily fit into this description, I got to thinking about it. I do. I definetly do. Well, I did. I came to some realizations lately and decided that I am going to work for it. Not that I haven't been working since I was eleven years old (for money that is, not all the "slave driving" house chores I did for my parents since I was five), but that I was looking for that quick "in." I can admit that I wanted to find the quick route to everything. The keyword in that last sentence is "wanted."

Why did I come to this realization?

I observed. I observed everyone in a five year radius of my age. It's funny. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am noticing it now because I am looking for it. Maybe it's because I am at that age. But, I don't think that it was ever like this in Milwaukee. I know it's like this in other places, but I never thought that it was like this in Milwaukee. A predominatly blue collar town that I always thought had the big city layout, but the small town people and feel. Looking around lately, I find that nobody my age wants to work for it. They want all the glory now. They live outside their means. Cars, clothing, lifestyles. Everything that drives everyone here now has to be for the money. You don't have it or make it, don't talk to me. That's seems to be the attitude that I am getting from people. Mostly women. It actually saddens me that my city has turned this corner and went in this direction. I guess that is just progress maybe.

Not my choice though, not my route. I've got my own plan for my family and friends, and if you don't like it, "you can take a flying f*%k and a rolling donut"(Ironically qouting my used car manager).

Next time you are out and about, look around, observe. Think about this. My prediction is that we are going to have a generation of people working 'til they die. Spending all this money now trying to get to the next level won't get you retired at fifty five.

Work for it, get in line, and wait your turn.