Friday, July 22, 2005

Important things that count

Today, the "most honored" (ha ha) Governor Jim Doyle, of WI., decided to not go after past offenders of sales tax evasion through means of internet purchases. Where will this topic go from now on?? Will we be taxed on future internet purchases?? Is this legal?? If so, why buy online for anything anymore. I know what I think aboaut the matter, what are your opinions? Feel free to post, if you dare......


At 5:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Governor of Wisconsin has demonstrated that with a compliant Attorney-General (it helps that she's usually stewed,) the "law" is exactly what HE says it is.

Note that the current Gaming Compacts are illegal per the Wis Supreme Court--but he's ignored their decision and continues on his merry way.

ALSO note that Wisconsin, under Doyle's regime, has implemented a tax on Internet access--which is against Federal law.

As to collecting sales/use tax on items bought out-of-state--that IS legal. Been around forever.

The redoubtable SteveEgg of FR fame and an occasional blog-commenter has also stated that it's likely Doyle set up and managed the ENTIRE "Butt-Tax" affair for his own benefit.

In other words, he knew about the impending Department of Revenue action, allowed it to go forward, and THEN (after it hit the press) put a stop to it.

A very credible thesis. "Dad29" thought Doyle was only attempting to stop the damage--without ever considering the possibility that he STARTED the damn thing in order to put a stop to it.

Dad29 obviously has not spent enough time studying sociopaths.


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