Monday, September 12, 2005

VW/Audi/Porsche Hybrid

VW announced today that it will begin development of a hybrid vehicle. I really have mixed feelings about this. Why develop an incredibly expensive technology when diesel is the fuel of the future? Evidently Volkswagen AG (which owns Audi) and Porsche, a company VW AG collaborates with from time to time are getting together to develop this technology and see if they can grab a piece of this relatively small market. Although market share and demand will ultimately grow, I think they should continue to pioneer in diesel engine field and technology. Am I suggesting they put all their eggs in one basket? No. But when you have an engine which can run very reliably on a fuel made entirely out of a renewable resource, why aren't you running with that idea??

In case you aren't familiar, a VW diesel engine can run on B5 biodiesel, a fuel made out of soybeans. The engine also can run on grease, and a lot of people are jumping on this bandwagon. Personally, and I will continue to stick by this prediction, I think that diesel is the one in the long run. Cheap, reliable, infrastructure easy to set up. Hybrids are still based off of gasoline, technology is incredibly expensive, no one knows the life of this vehicle or the battery.... Hydrogen, wow, expensive for everything. Infrastructure, technology, development, etc. Natural gas falls in this same boat. Time will tell the story down the road, but in the mean time I am taking 20 year bets. Any takers?


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