Wednesday, September 07, 2005

This Just In..... GO TO HELL!

Apparently the local Nawlins gov't and Ray Nagin handed out DVDs and information to poor neighborhoods prior to the hurricane that sent a message to the tone of, "You're on your own if you stay." Or as I have affectionately put it, "Go to hell!" That's right, Ray "I knew it was coming this bad and didn't do anything about it" Nagin gave information to the poor people of the city that said if you do not evacuate, we will not help you afterwards. This all according to Fox News Channel.

Wow. What do you say to that? Okay, thanks for taking all those tax dollars from me...

That's not all. The Saturday night before the hurricane hit, at 5pm, Nagin issued an evacuation suggestion, followed the Sunday morning at 9am with a mandatory evacuation notification. But, the buses were only to take people to the Superdome. Oh, and by the way, you should eat a full meal before coming to the Superdome and bring your own food, water, and clothing.

So who's fault is this? Who is in charge of being a first responder? Who needs to evacuate people? Who needs to get them water and food and medical supplies/help? I think this blog answers the question very nicely for us... Thankyou FNC for first, fair, and balanaced reporting.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said...

All The Powers That Pretend To Be had to do was issue this statement a few days prior to hurricane:

Folks, it's dooms day. I'm getting the hell out of here.

A monster hurricane, with a wall of water 30 feet high, is coming to destroy and drown everything in its path.

No time to explain. Gotta run. I'll be in Minnesota, safe and dry, if anyone needs me. Lake Slowbegone. See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.

Your pal,

The Mayor

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Yeah, that's pretty effective, and about on the same level with what he did...


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