Thursday, September 08, 2005

I Hate This Woman

I thought that we had gotten rid of Nancy Pelosi. Why did I think that? Has she not said anything stupid enough in the last couple of years to warrant media coverage?? She mode some cockneyed statement to the press referring to the federal response time yesterday and it made me want to put a .45 caliber round through the tube. I immediately became hot and almost left the room, then she was off. A sigh of relief for the moment. I am actually afraid to turn the television back onto any news channel in fear that I will see her ugly, hideous mug and hear asinine statements that make me want to shove a sharpened pencil in my temple. She had made a comment to some effect that GW should be ashamed for killing all of the evacuees because he didn't get aid to them quick enough. It was something really stupid like that. Well, I like the picture that I found of her, and I hope that it will make anyone who has to listen to her feel a little bit better.


At 11:27 PM, Blogger G said...

Ok it is apperant that pay no attention to government,,,,what the heck is Nancy Pelosi?????

Pay more attention to the Brewers, they won't piss you off as much.

Yea right.


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