Monday, July 25, 2005

Self Righteous Anonymous Post-ers

Oh, you are soooo good to the American workers. You are such a wonderful person. How nice of you to buy the product they have produced to make sure they have enough food on their plates. In case you couldn't tell, I'm being sarcastic. Where do we start... Well, don't buy the Chevrolet Aveo, don't know why you would, because it is built by the now defunct Daewoo. Oh, and about 30% of the Chevrolets are built in Canada, specifically the Ontario-ish area. Most of these are vans, so don't buy those unless you want your money going to feed someone some fish, eh (pronounced aaaay, as in yader aaaay). Go ahead, buy anything else they offer so as to ease your conscience. Hey, when was the last time you bought a car, anonymous?? A new one, that is. Used cars manufactured by the UAW don't count, they have been paid for that one already, and I'm pretty sure the seller won't send them a check out of his/her profit margin. Okay, and if you are who I think you are, you were pretty hard up for an Isuzu Axiom. Gee, scanning, scanning, scanning, yeah, Isuzu Axioms weren't built stateside. So, take that off the list. Okay, okay, I appreciate fine American manufacturing, and I don't want to put American workers out of jobs, however, I actually feel I have a responsibility to represent my product best to my customers, and I wouldn't be able to effectively do so with a domestic product. The real screw ups in this whole deal are the morons in charge of GM and FoMoCo. Make something we like, and want, and we will buy it. Get rid of incentives, they are killing you more than they are helping you.


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