Thursday, November 10, 2005

The "Most Honorable" Ald. Michael McGee

Racism! False Arrests! Disorderly Conduct! Police Brutality! Unprovoked Beatings!

Alderman, with all due respect, "You are stuck on stupid!" Your story stinks, it is full of holes, no one is targeting you and we all know you are using this scenario to get some press coverage and face time.

Why can't you admit that what you did was wrong? Why can't you own up to your actions like any respectable man would? Why can't act PROFESSIONAL?!? This is some high school drama bullshit you pulled, and you know it. What a bunch of crap. This sounds like some crap my drunken friends would pull when they were 17.

But you, you are SUPPOSED to be a leader in this community. You are SUPPOSED to set an example. You are SUPPOSED to be a bigger man. Now ask yourself, did you do any of these things? No you didn't.

Instead you are out there screaming your bloody head off and playing an unjustifiable race card. I can hear it now.... "They beat me like Rodney King! They targeted me because I am black! They want to eliminate us and dust us under the rug! They want to oppress us, the black community!"

My stomach is turning. You make me sick. You weren't beaten, your mug shot proves it. You weren't targeted because you are black, it's because you were seen in a parking lot after said business closed loitering for twenty minutes. That looks suspicious if anyone does it. No one is oppressing you. No one is trying to hold you down. You are a friggin' alderman for crying out loud! You are an elected official! If "the man" was trying to hold you down you wouldn't hold an elected office! Using your bullshit logic I could say the man is holding me down because I am not selling 50 cars a month and people always try to negotiate my prices.

For those who don't know about the story and whom I am referring to, you can check out the article here. The Urinal Sentinel has an article on the guy and his mug shot. To shed some light on the subject, this is the alderman who pushed for slavery reparations a couple years back. He is an egomaniacal prick who like to listen to himself talk.


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