Monday, June 19, 2006

So You Think You Want a Diesel?

In accordance with my contracts and obligations, the following post will be a half assed attempt at a sales pitch as well as a public service annoucement. Without further ado...

Next model year, that's 2007 for those of you readers who are oblivious to time, VW will NOT be offering diesel powered passenger vehicles. Specifically, the Jetta sedan and wagon, the new Rabbit(was a Golf) and the Beetle coupe.

Why? Well, VWAG was banking heavily on the legislation to pass that would bring European spec diesel fuel to our country which is of much lower sulfur caliber. This way, VWAG would not have to pour the money into developing a particulate filter that would lower the emissions of these vehicles using the current diesel fuel. Now, '07 models cannot pass the even lower (they were lowered two years ago) emissions standards.

So, what to do? BUY ONE NOW if you want one. Two of my customers averaging 48 - 49mpg on the freeway in the new Jetta. That is 6 - 7mpg over listed sticker numbers.

Wigderson, you have been updated.


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