Friday, July 21, 2006

I Hate Maureen Dowd

I really could just leave that title of the post up there alone and everyone with two shreds of common sense would get. But, there is sooooo much more to it. MUCH more.

Okay. After two hours of painful self surgery, I was able to remove the ball point pen I involuntarily shoved 3 inches into my temple after reading her editorial in the Urinal Sentinel today(originally written for the NY Slimes on 07.19.06*).

Where to begin?

1. Maureen, you are incredibly childish. Your finger pointing and name calling brings you down to the level of some five year olds I have witnessed. Oh, he said it! He said the word shit! Give me a break. What, the leader of the free world can't swear? He was having a very quiet conversation with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, not screaming profanities across the room like a belligerent drunk.

"The president has enshrined his immaturity and insularity, turning every environment he inhabits..." "...into a comfortable frat house." You know, you have an obsession with this "frat boy" name calling thing. I am starting to think that maybe you were that ugly chick in college. You know what I am talking about. The one so that is soooo ugly that a 12 pack of Miller Lite and half a bottle of Jagermeister drank inside of two hours still didn't make you attractive. No one would let in the frat house in the first place. Did I strike the head of the nail? Or maybe you were like one of the nerds in that movie "Revenge of the Nerds." Except the only revenge you are attempting to get is now, and it's against the President. See, I can call people names too. Maybe I should apply for your job.

2. "Even after the debacles of Iraq and Hurricane Katrina..." Are you still trying to pin Hurricane Katrina on him? Wow. So, Mayor Ray Nagin and Gov. Kathy Blanco had nothing to do with it. You know, not evacuating people and sending out "rescue buses" in time. Or how about Slick Willie? You know, X42. The one who ignored reports and didn't provide the Army Corps of Engineers with enough dough to "plug the holes." I could go on with this issue. You really are reaching.

3. "The world may be blowing up..." "...but that pales in comparison with his burning desire to return to his feather pillow and gym at the White House." The man doesn't really get much of a day to himself ever. He can't have a night off? And what business is it of yours if he does. Where were you when X42 was getting a bj in the oval office? Were you questioning his "free time?" No, I think you were blowing Hill. Sod off.

4. I highly doubt Tony Blair is treated by Bush like his "servant." You really are pathetic to even suggest that.

5. "He seems to have no clue that his own headlong, heedless actions in the Middle East have contributed to the deepening chaos there..." Oh yeah, sure. That part of the world has ALWAYS been stable. There was never any turmoil there. Saddam was a good little dictator who never "poured gasoline" on the proverbial fire. The Iranians only started developing nuclear power because we intervened in Iraq. The Holy Wars never occurred. Puhlease!

I did leave a bunch of your dribble out of this post, I realize that. I just don't have the time to pick apart everyone of your inane statements.

In closing Maureen, please do everyone a favor and STFU!

'Nuf Said!

*Note from Management - I cannot link this particular article onto my page as it is not available on the Urinal Sentinel's website and I do not wish to "login" to the NY Slimes website.


At 4:32 PM, Blogger Phelony Jones said...

See, I'd have skipped over all those niceties and gone right to duct tape over her mouth, and THEN said STFU.

Remember, enforcement first, naturalize second :)

At 6:02 AM, Blogger Dad29 said...

Another grass-eating MSM drooler...


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