Monday, August 27, 2007

Football Is Right Around....

...the corner! And with that, some interesting facts from the latest issue of Popular Mechanics.

Al look at the G Force scale relative to a football hit:

Walking - 1.0g
Sneezing - 2.9g
Shuttle Launch - 3.0g
Coughing - 3.5g
Slap on the Back - 4.1g
Roller Coaster - 5.0g
Hopping off a Step - 8.1g
F-16 Fighter Jet Roll - 9.0g

Neat. Now the interesting stuff.

A concussion can occur from a hit impact above 100g. An extreme football impact can reach 150g, probably why there are over 100 concussions recorded each NFL season. Ouch.

Even more interesting... the new grass in Philly's new stadium has a cushy G-Max absorption rating of just over 60. Synthetic surfaces have a G-Max rating of up to 120. The hardest surface to play on? Frozen tundra. Go Pack!


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