Thursday, January 25, 2007

Blog Tax

Madison, WI.(AP) - Gov. Jim Doyle(D-Taxman) has proposed his latest tax increase/ban. In light of the effectiveness of proposed tax increases and public banning of cigarettes, Doyle has announced at least one of his several new ideas to curb dangerous and hazardous behavious.

As we all know, smoking is evil. Blogging, in some of it's purist forms, is equally as evil. Blogging is just as addictive and toxic to it's authors and readers as cigarettes to smokers and non smokers. Because of these detrimental health hazards, amongst other problems, a proposed tax on blogging as well as a proposed public blogging ban has been introduced in hopes of curbing it. A debate, curiously enough, spurred between experts in the blogosphere immediately following the proposal.

As developments occur, DCS will keep you updated. That is, of course, the ban/tax doesn't go into effect before I can.

On a side note, insiders have tipped us off to other bans/taxes that Doyle has in the works. Of a list of many, the following stood out:

Big Macs



Trans Fats

Refined Sugar

Free Thinking






Ping Pong

Playstation 3


We will also keep you updated on developments in these areas.


At 10:31 PM, Blogger Al said...

I hope Iowa's Governor Culver (D) doesn't see this. He will probably come up with the same idea to tax bloggers.

Seriously, I don't know if Doyle is copycatting Culver (raising the cigarette tax was 1 of his big campaign issues) on the tax raise or if it simply part of the current Democratic DNA, but it seems like there is a theme this year.

Love the list of potential taxes. However, I doubt they would ever tax sex as then there would be a decrease in unwanted pregnancies resulting in a decrease in business for the 1 group that the Democrats are most in bed with, Planned Parenthood's abortion mills. The same with masturbation because of how this will affect some activities of another group or 2 who's agenda the Dems promote that shall remain nameless.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger P.I. Mom said...

They could still tax sex - it would be no different than any other tax...those of us who work for a living and are too tired to spend our entire day looking for sex will pay the tax, while the welfare recipients who seem to be having an abundance of sex (evidenced by their abundance of children) will NOT have to pay the tax...because like all other taxes...WE'RE paying it for them. Makes perfect sense. At the end of the day - I'll just be paying for EVEN MORE things I don't get nearly enough of.

At 7:20 PM, Blogger Neo-Con Tastic said...

DarthDoyle is a taxing douche.

At 8:57 AM, Anonymous The Asian Badger said...

If Pol Pot Doyle reads this, he'll probably implement all of them.

Now, if PP Doyle would tax stupidity, he wouldn't have any income at all!!

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

What's that supposed to mean Badge?

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous car amplifier said...

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