Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Imagine That, I Was Right Again

Yes, that's right, I was right again. What can I say? Thank you. Thank you all for your love and support. A couple blogs back I mentioned the need for you, my reader, to frequently view and the wonderful views they express regarding da' biz. Well, although it seems that they agree with me regarding GM moving away from rebates and "deals", they brought up a much more fascinating point I had not gone into depth on in this blog (elsewhere in spoken word, just not here).

It seems as if to the experts, myself included, that GM/FoMoCo/DamChry. are all in a world of trouble relying on salesmanship to move their products instead of the deal. Although long term this is the best thing that the Big 3 can do, short term will mean show rooms similar to that of Air America's audience, no interested customers. Salespeople for the Big 3 are literally going to starve, especially in the Midwest. Why here? Keep reading the "On The Table" section of the website and you will find that reports indicate that domestic brand loyalty also does not exist here with the increase of imported brands. Glad I work at an import dealer, and that I have been here long enough where I cannot be dethroned too easily.

Interested in learning more, feel free to post a comment. Watch what you post, I do this for a living and have a lot of free time. Heh heh heh...


At 12:04 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said...

I like your blogging style, good buddy. Very similar to my Triumphalist Blogging Style, which I invented a few seconds ago when I had a few seconds to "kill".

When we kill time, how come there's never any "Time Funerals"?

I am a former advertising agency excutive, Senior Copywriter, and Copy Director. I worked on the General Motors direct mail account at Grey Advertising, NYC in the late 80s.

I hate car commercials.

Most of em.

They show people driving at high dangerous speeds, jeopardizing the lives of passengers and other roadsters.

Not to mention the oppressed pedestrians.

If we're really in a war on drugs, why don't we bomb the pharmaceutical companies?

Hence, likewise, if we are really in a "war on terror" (we're not, it's all fake, it's a "war for oil"), why don't the freaking government tell us to carpool, convserve gas and oil, walk more, ride bicycles?

This world is shit.



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