Friday, September 16, 2005

Background Checks

In today's Urinal Sentinel, there is a story reporting the new "abuse, agony and racial profiling" that the evacuees have been experiencing since Hurricane Katrina (sponsored in part by GW Bush, Halliburton, and KBR*). Apparently evacuees coming to the shelters at the state fair grounds here in Wisconsin are receiving a criminal background checks to verify they do not have any outstanding federal warrants. Additionally, as Milwaukee County Executive Office spokesman Rod McWilliams states, "We were also looking for people on the sex offender rolls, not that they'd be turned away, but it's common sense: You don't want to house someone with that type of offense in a dorm full of kids." Duh...

Oh, but noooooooooo, says the NAACP. It's racial profiling, it's harmful to treat these people this way. Haven't they gone through enough?!? Although the ACLU has not jumped onboard here in Wisconsin, they have joined the NAACP in other states, and I imagine they will start screaming their pretty heads off here in Wisconsin shortly too.

Imagine, if you will for a moment with me, if this was a group of white people** getting their backgrounds' checked when they came to the shelter. Where would you be then, NAACP? Where would you be then, ACLU? You wouldn't be kicking and screaming about the mistreatment of the white people, that's for damn sure. The ignorami running these organizations can't see for a minute that checking backgrounds of evacuees is strictly a safety issue, designed to protect those in said communities from possible inbound criminals. Especially designed to protect innocent children here in Milwaukee and in the shelters from pederasses. Duh.

One more question to you folks at the NAACP. Would you say that it is the advancement for "your people" when they are using taxpayer funded FEMA credit cards to buy expensive purses, shoes, gaming systems, tvs and lap dances? Just checking...

*"Facts" quoted from these Morons
**Current mix in question is 15% white, 85% black. Source: Journal Sentinel


At 8:50 PM, Anonymous Politically Incorrect Mom said...

I suppose they would suggest that surviving hurricane Katrina is punishment enough if there is an outstanding federal warrant?

"All felons - you are now excused because sitting in the dome for a week is worse punishment than the 20 years to life you would have been given if you had been tried and convicted!"

P.S. Thanks for introducing me to a new word, "ignorami". Can I assume that is plural ignoramos'?

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

That is correct, "ignorami" is plural for ingoramus as cacti is plural for cactus.

You are welcome for the vocabulary upgrade of the day.


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