Friday, September 02, 2005

Nice Editorial

In the "Perspectives" page of the Urinal Sentinel today, a Kathleen Parker actually had a good editorial, one that sums up everything that has occurred just outside of Bush's Crawford Texas Ranch. Parker has dubbed it "The Theatre of the Absurd." I like it. Furthermore, I like her article.

Parker goes on to rip the act that not only al-Sheehani is giving, but the act put on by the supporting players. Parker lays into weirdo folk singer Joan Baez, fake president Martin Sheen, and the reverend al sharpton (I realize his name is all in lowercase letters, he doesn't deserve uppercase letters). Read it, pretty good stuff. Similar to a post found on this page a couple days ago.... Hmmm....


At 2:49 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said...

She is quoted in the MSM somewhere as saying her precious little son joined the Army (and re-enlisted in 2004!!!)...

...NEVER DREAMING that he'd see any combat. Goes to Iraq, 4 days later, bang, he's dead as a doornail.

Listen lady: soldiers kill and die. If you told your son that the pay is good, he'll get help with college money, a nice sharp uniform, girls getting dreamy eyed and wet, but not see ANY combat, you lied to him.

If a fire fighter dies in a fire, we are all sad, but nobody forced him or her to be a fire fighter. Same goes with cops, soldiers, sailors, air forcers, marines, etc.

I support her right to protest. I hate how we were lied to about weapons of mass destruction. I wonder about the real reason for attacking Iraq. I wish the Iraqis would get some real balls and kill the insurgents themselves. Each Iraqi gets to own an AK-47. Why do they need U.S. Army troops?

I am a pacifist too. I think all wars are dumb and usually backfire. I don't want my country to be attack dog of the world.

But her silly camping extravaganza is obviously all about her, her son, her feelings, her sorrow, her needs, her crappy attitude...

...and I suspect: her LIES to her son about not ever seeing combat.

She gives genuine intelligent pacifism a bad name.


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