Friday, September 02, 2005

FEMA Response

I am so sick and tired of the lefties out there complaining and pointing fingers at the Bush administration for the poor FEMA and Federal Gov't response time to the Katrina disaster. The money can't come quick enough, and neither can control or troops.

10,000 troops are in route. 10,000. That's ten thousand!!! How many more do you want? What, they can't all be there at once?!? Right away?!? Did you want them to come down before the hurricane and be put in harm's way? They would be there though, right? But the looting.... Yeah, we have this problem, see. The city, yeah, it's under-friggin'-water!!!! They can't just drive tanks everywhere. That's why it's just a tad difficult controlling the madness and rescuing people. There is no ground transportation. I'm not down there, but I have seen the news coverage. It looks pretty friggin' flooded to me...

Furthermore, congress, has convened from their summer break to vote on $10.5 billion. Senate approved it late last night, and the house is probably voting on it right now as I write this. How much faster can we do this people? Due friggin' process! Everything gets voted on, there is no way around it! They don't need money right away anyway, they need food and water and to be evacuated. And guess what, that's happening right now as we speak! What, do you think the gov't has a stockpile of food somewhere they can just unload from? No, they don't. Food shelters and charities nationwide are donating all of that right now as we speak. Do you think the gov't can just wave a wand and 1,000 buses will show up like that to evacuate the people? No, the gov't cannot do that, they have to get the buses down there first. Take time.

Has it occurred to anyone else out there but me that this has never ever happened before during our time (defined as this generation) in the U.S.? We don't really have experience handling this, now do we? What do you expect of our leaders if no one had ever dreamed this up to prepare for it? What do you expect us to do if this is the first time dealing with this? There is a learning curve I would think. But you lefties, screaming and whining, you must know better. I'm sure it would never had occurred in the first place if you were in charge. Right? See yesterday's post for details of what would have been different....


At 11:40 AM, Blogger Neo-Con Tastic said...

I agree with you whole-heartedly. Two points, though. For starters, I agree that the looting should've prompted a more expeditious response from the local National Guard because there are now reports that police are actually turning in their badges. Also, some police are actually recommending that families take up arms to protect themselves.

Secondly, I think we should concern over the timeliness of this matter because I think this disaster will be quite similiar to to how the gov't reacts after the next terrorist attack. Think about the chaos then and perhaps you'll think differently when the government's evac plan is slow.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Well, the hurricane like a terrorist attack isn't anything that we can predict. To react to a tragedy, when and wherever it may occur, is left to each situations needs/severity.... Plus, the city is 80% under water, evac is kinda tough.

Cops turning in their badges are pussies and are few and far between. Everything you read in the paper is pretty exagerated.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Ken said...

Supplies to relieve the beleaguered and desperate people of New Orleans are not able to get in because of armed thugs who are firing on rescue, police, national guardsmen, and supply trucks. There have been reports of local New Orleans cops who have turned in their badges rather than go into the war zone. Meanwhile the people of New Orleans are going without food, water, and living in extreme unsanitary conditions. Marshal Law has been declared but in reality the only law present is the law of the jungle.

At 7:22 AM, Blogger Dad29 said...

Pay attention to the Adult Analysis posted this AM on my blog.

A point NOT made on my blog (but made by others) by the way: Congress' summer vacation was FAR more important to the Members than was the appropriation bill--those fat, lazy, PrimaDonnas could have been back in DC on Monday, spending the money.

They waited a while. It's hard to leave Hyannis, Door County, or the Rockies ranches when only 90,000 square miles of the country is demolished.

At 2:55 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said...

If a meteor hit Peoria, Illinois, guess who would be blamed? George Bush.

And if it were John Flipflop Kerry, the right would blame him for anything bad.

I personally think all politicians are liars and schmucks, but I will agree that Bush seems to be doing fairly good. I just don't know enough about disaster response.

I do know that the MSM asks retarded questions, fakes events for the cameras, and fumbles around with facts. That coverage of the 5 men shot got twisted twice in one 6 PM news broadcast. I still don't know what really happened.

The liberals always whine for the "government" to save, to protect, to pour money down from heaven, to do what they will not do.

The real losers will be the MSM. Blogs and video via the web will come out ahead as news sources.

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Politically Incorrect Mom said...

The Federal Government is being asked to go in and clean up a mess that, had the LOCAL government been doing their job, would never have happened to begin with. The floodgates were inadequate and that has been known for DECADES. The Mayor left the city for higher ground and left thousands of people who did not have the means to leave while hundreds of school buses sat waiting to be flooded out. When we have a blizzard in Pennsylvania, the Governor gives orders "nobody is allowed to drive - if you drive, you are breaking the law - if you are in an accident as a result, there is no guarantee we can help you". The Governor and Mayor should have issued a similar order to the citizens of New Orleans - "We'll get you out (using the transportation they had available to them), but if you choose to stay, we can not guarantee your safety". Now, instead of acknowledging their own part in this, they're blaming the Federal Government.
Where I come from, when you shoot yourself in the foot, you don't get pity. We should help the victims, of course, but let's give credit/blame where it's due.


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