Friday, November 18, 2005

So You Think You're a Tree Hugger?

Oh yeah, I heard this on Sykes (620AM WTMJ) this morning and I checked it out. This is real. These people exist. Just when you think you have seen it all, another whacko comes out of left field. You must visit this website for yourselves to believe.

The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement or VHEMT asks that people no longer procreate at all in order to return the earth to it's natural state where our human race doesn't consume the majority of resources. Yeah. Now now, to join you don't have to commit suicide, because they aren't about death. They just want us to no longer procreate and live out our lives. The goals of VHEMT are long term, and the group realizes that it will take centuries before the earth returns to it's natural state.

"Hokay, so, ahh, dohn't even tink aboooouuuut rehprodhuckshun! You khan have, likah, sex, but whear proteckshun or pull out or somthingk."

Okay, a couple of things here.... wait, wait... the room is spinning really fast now... hold on... Gees, I just threw up a little bit right now. Yecch, bile...

Okay. 1. These people are nuts. 2. At least they are realistic. They know everyone is laughing at them and slim to none will participate. 3. They are the ultimate tree huggers. To all you wannabe pot smokin', Jerry Garcia lovin', President Bush/War hatin', tree huggin' liberals get with the times. You are NOT tree huggers unless you join VHEMT.

Knowing this, I do have advice for the weirdos over at VHEMT. Get on a plane and fly to Africa. Find every native in the country who isn't familiar with your organization and/or condoms. Teach them your ways and how to use protection. Lather, rinse, repeat. See you upon arrival of the four horseman.

A note to the gentle reader following this post: You really didn't think I had changed, did you? I am back, and with a vengeance. It is slow in the office, and I will be attacking all stupid anon posters and commenters who dare to challenge the management here at DCS. In addition, all bozos out there like VHEMT should be aware that I will continue to berate and humiliate them through means of my blogging power. Ha! Just because the page has been pretty dry for a month doesn't mean I haven't been paying attention....


At 5:18 PM, Blogger P.I. Mom said...

The good news is that only libs will join this group - let them eliminate themselves! I agree with them wholeheartedly - DON'T procreate!

At 5:22 PM, Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Good point P.I.


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