Monday, January 09, 2006

Took You Long Enough

Finally, a trial for the tire slashers. Finally. I actually forgot about this. I figured that nothing would ever come of it, and no one would ever be punished for it. To my surprise though, I was wrong (for once).

Will they get off? Yeah. Tainted jury pools, useless testimonies, slimy political connections will all add up to equal acquittal. Do I care? Kinda... It's a shame to see slimeballs like these slip through the cracks.

But while we are on the topic... I had initially asked myself these questions when this issue first came along. Maybe someone here can fill me in on some details...

1. Wasn't Gwen Moore's alias "Supreme Muhhamad Allah" something or other? If so, how do you get a name like that?

2. What do you suppose Gwen Moore and former acting mayor Marvin Pratt said to their children when they introduced each other? Here is what I imagined...

"Now you two kids vandalize nicely and work together to damage those republican rented get out the vote vans. If you don't, no ice cream treat later..."

I don't know, maybe it's just me. Maybe coincidence.

3. Isn't that one white guy like 35? Doesn't he seem like the type of guy you always see living with his parents and recently fired from the hemp shop he worked at? What a loser.

And a more recent question...

4. Why is the national AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney a witness? Was there a labor union dispute in who did more slashing and vandalizing?

Things to ponder. Maybe you can shed some light. And, if they don't go down on these felony charges, hopefully Biskupic will step up with some federal charges. But you can bet I won't be holding my breath.


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