Thursday, August 03, 2006

Snubbed By A County

How does it feel to be snubbed by a whole county? Well, at least 18 board members from that county. UW Madison's reigning moonbat lecturer Kevin Barrett should be able to form an opinion on this matter having been on the receiving end of this after Ozaukee county supervisor Joseph Sopko and 17 other Ozaukee county board members voted to contribute $8427 less to the UW extension, or, exactly his salary. Ouch. Talk about rejection. I like the move. I like the move a lot. Hopefully other counties will follow suit. If all 72 counties do, that is nearly $600,000 that UW extension will lose. Hopefully, that will result in the loss of one moonbat lecturer too.

Read the article here.


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That's awesome.

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