Monday, August 22, 2005

Is It Just Me??

Okay, enough with the happy crap, it's time to get down to the meat and potatoes. Is anyone here familiar with the term "Prostitot"? (Like prostitute, but with a tot on the end). I did not coin this phrase, Glenn Beck of the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck Radio Program did. If you happen to have him broadcasting in your area, you are lucky (he no longer is syndicated in Milwaukee which is a travesty). Essentially the definition of a "prostitot" is a young girl, anywhere from ages 8 to 17, who dresses like a tramp. Now, I am only 23, and I was only 13 ten years ago (check the math... carry the two.. Yup, that's right), and chicks did NOT dress like that. I'm not upset that they didn't dress like that, I am glad. I do have sisters that age, and they know not to try and pull that kind of crap.

This small sub culture of America is dangerous. Little girls are growing up way too fast and putting themselves in potentially promiscuous situations where their moral integrity could be questioned. Outrageous. I am being serious in this post in regards to the danger. I know that I generally approach things with a swagger and a little sarcasm (yeah right), but this is serious business.

So what? Right? What do you, the reader, do to stop these "prostitots"? Expose them. Whenever you see a "prostitot" inform her that she is dressed in a visually upsetting manner and that she should report home and dress in a appropriate manner. We can fight this problem together.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the good people here at Disgruntledcarsalesman.blogspotcom.


At 6:38 PM, Blogger steven edward streight said...

I agree. There is also the Libopimp, a word I just now made up: Little Boy Pimp.

The corrupt fashion fascists want all girls to look like whores and all boys to look like gangsters and pimps.

Rap/hip hop culture is to blame for this, I don't care what anybody says.

I saw a black idiot male get up at some Black Leadership conference on CSpan and say that hip hop/rap culture, the music, talks about pushing, hustling to be the best.

No, it's about hustling to sell the most crack, screw the most virgins, have the biggest Cadillac, smoke the most blunts, have the biggest wad of illgotten cash, drink the most Alize, wear the biggest fake gold blingbling, etc.

I'm not racist. I just see where the concepts come from. Other races are guilty of other things. But this whore & pimp/gangster has one easily definable source.

Rap/hip hop is the worst musical form ever invented due to lack of stylings, repetition of sample loops, braggart vocalizings of bad voices, same-o same-o beats, etc.

I like your idea of confronting the girls (I'd say boys too) and shaming them. Be sure to spit on the ground to punctuate your assertions.

Speak as loud and crabby as necessary.

To hell with wimpy sissyboy "tolerance".

"Politically correct" is morally incorrect.

who says so? I do, and that's good enough for everyone.

At 9:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steven Streight you are a good man. I agree with you whole-heartedly. DGC has some very good points but tends to dampen them by his own ravings. DGC is also my little-shit brother.

Prostitots became prominent with the sale of Ambercrombie & Fitch thongs, marketed towards ages 10 and below. They had catch phrases like "Yummy" and things of that nature.

I blame this completely on parental guidance. Not only can the parents monitor what the children are wearing when leaving the house but obviously at that age, the parents are the ones purchasing it.

What we can do as adults is to boycott (quietly is fine) the places (like A&F) that sell that trash. By not purchasing clothes from there, they might not necessarily 'feel' the loss but as good people, we know that we are striking a blow.

Consider this, next time you see a young prostitot with father or mother, give the child your phone number and tell her to call you sometime. Better yet, approach the father AKA 'pimp daddy' and ask "how much?"

At 9:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, they're an easy lay...

At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After a friend finding Thong underwear in the toddler section, we've started causes on FB and MS that we're soon going to include a petition on. This disgusting fashion trend needs to stop! Please feel free to join the cause!
I'm doing research on the subject of prosti-tots and I've read that the phrase was coined on an episode of The Simpsons. Does anyone know where I can get video footage of the episode scene where this term was mentioned? Thank you.


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