Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dr. Phil, You've Cured Him..

This is kind of an unfair title to this post for Dr. Phil, because he actually never talked to this guy. Apparently, according to the fine reporting of the Urinal Sentinel, a guy in Fredonia, WI. decided to stage a kidnapping of his estranged wife. The two had been married 36 years, but seperated since September of '02. He decided that he needed to scare her to get her to come to terms with reality. He got this marvelous idea from a Dr. Phil show that a "good scare" is good for some people once in a while. Now, I didn't watch the show, and I'm sure that this idea was taken out of context, but what was this guy thinking??!?! Oh, yeah, have an off duty sheriff (that's who he hired for this stunt and agreed to pay $1000 to) kidnap your estranged wife, rob her, "bruise" her a little and stuff her in the trunk, drive the car to the middle of nowhere, and smash all the windows. That is really going to make your wife come running back into your arms. How about a boquet of f%#king flowers?? Idiot. Wow.

The second time today that a subject has made me ill. The bile is creeping.


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