Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin...

I actually had a civil conversation on this topic with clients of mine at my desk before we negotiated figures on a new Golf. My clients were very, very left. They were so left that I had to lean to my right to present the figures...(ha ha ha). As much as we disagreed on many topics, some I wouldn't touch (I was trying to sell them a car), they agreed with me on this common sense topic.

I have to show my ID at a tavern I frequent to get a drink! Why not to vote? I don't care, I have one. I need it to do a lot of things. I stood in line at the DMV to get it, mine happens to be a drivers liscense. (surprised that I have one still, huh?) I recently visited the DMV with my younger sister, who was desperate to spread her wings and leave the nest, and needed an ID. Although it took some verification that she was who she claimed to be (a peice of business related mail[utility bill], tax return, school ID) we got her an ID. Now she can buy cigarettes. She can even play bingo at the Pot, although I am not going to tell her that.

Mark Belling has an article here:


If you have listened to his radio show, you understand his style and the article is a little better to read (the sarcasm eeks out). He is really on the money in this article.

Doyle claims now that to require an ID for identification it will disenfranchise voters. You know what? I don't want people voting in an election for a public servant of any kind if they cannot go to the DMV and get an ID. I don't mind if it's just an ID, it doesn't even have to be a drivers liscense for crying out loud! (like that's really difficult to get) Again, to get and ID you need to live somewhere with an address(cardboard boxes and overpasses obviously don't count), get some type of bill which would require a job to pay for said bill, and have attended some type of institution of learning where a photo ID is provided for you by the school (high schools all do this). If you can't do these things, don't bother to vote. You do not have the capacity to make a political decision requiring you to examine a candidate's platform to decide if you like his ideas.

All said and done, the people typically voting for the left are the aforementioned. Doyle needs them and the vote frauders to win, and we won't see the voter ID requirement as long as he is in office in this state.


At 5:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Good Old Days, only those who were net taxpayers could vote.


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