Friday, December 02, 2005

BagMan Jimbo Probes Non Boardroom Oil Reps

I thought that BagMan Jimbo wanted to get money back from the ever profiting oil companies for ALL Wisconsin consumers who were "gouged" at the pumps. Keyword here is ALL.

According to today's story in the Urinal Sentinel, Doyle is seeking money for a heating fund. Apparently, now he just wants the "vampiristic blood sucking" oil companies to contribute money to a fund that helps families pay their heating bills over the winter. You see, WE Energies can't shut off your heat and power in the winter even if you don't pay your bills. So this fund is really a load of crap. Especially considering the story in the Urinal Sentinel this past week that has parents of unfortunate families canceling their power bills and starting new ones in their children's names. So who is left with the bill? WE Energies.

Whom are you a BagMan for now, Jimbo? Take the "AC" off of WEAC and you get what? "WE" energies. I wonder, does "WE" energies really mean BagMan Jimbo and WE Energies Execs? Evidently, BagMan Jimbo, you are stealing from the rich to give ultimately to the, rich? Yeah, makes too much sense to me.

We haven't gotten to the real point yet. You were supposed to get money for ALL Wisconsin consumers, not just the ones who pump their tanks at the gas station and can't pay their energy bills. This is assuming that they actually have cars and have filled their tanks with gasoline in the last 3 months.

I fill up once every week. 16 Gallons. Where is my check? Hmmm?

You stink, BagMan Jimbo. I don't even want a check. Confirming your slimeball status is enough for me.


At 7:41 AM, Anonymous dave said...

"Urinal Sentinal"
That's such a typical trashy remark that comes from a Neocon and a Neocon finds cute and novel. You lecture about breakdown of our nation's values?

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Obviously you aren't from the area. If you were, you would have to be subject to the worst newspaper in the country. Then, you would adapt the same cynical attitude towards that "publication" and be forced to invent nicknames that describe it accurately enough for others.

I hardly find "Urinal Sentinel" anywhere near as disturbing as the access children have towards pornography or the character of our governor, BagManJimbo.

Just like a liberal to not be able to comprehend cynicism, sarcasm and satire.... I could go on.


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