Thursday, January 26, 2006


I regret to inform all visitors, readers, bloggers, friends, foes and DCS faithful that I will be taking a sabbatical of undetermined length at this time. While this blog is a wonderful venue for me to express my thoughts about current events, I find it in the best interest of my financial and mental health to take a break from this hobby at this given time. I appreciate any kind words and thoughts that you may have regarding my decision. Any nay-sayers can go pound sand. Feel free to explore linked sites and my archives. See you around...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Chicago Rose Fan Club

I saw Chicago Rose again over the weekend at Lucille's Rockin' Pianos on Old World 3rd street in downtown Milwaukee. I have recently put this bar into a regular rotation and I highly recommend that you visit if you have the opportunity.

This past Saturday I visited and had the opportunity to see Chicago Rose perform (3rd time I have seen her) and decided she is a must post for this blog. Great performer, incredibly entertaining, excellent pianist, wonderful vocalist and much nicer to look at that the guys they usually have onstage playing. I also strongly believe that Casper at AskMeLater will agree that she is a very beautiful woman.

Definitely blog worthy, wouldn't you agree? (Like I care if you do anyways)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Man Buries BMW?

Ohio resident Bill Mueller decided to bury his 1997 BMW when the engine went *poof*. Why? Well, insurance, stupid!

BUSTED! Yeah, the fuzz found out. Obviously, he didn't get away with it...

"Mueller, 35, was sentenced to one year in prison for committing insurance fraud, tampering with evidence, falsification and receiving stolen property. Adding insult to injury, he also had to pay restitution to his insurance company and $15,500 to the state--- its fee for digging up his BMW."

Ouch. (Management note - Does it really cost $15,500 to dig up a car? Oh yeah, it was the GOVERNMENT doing it. Duh...)

Moral of the story - Do NOT try to "deep six your straight six."

HT: Autoblog

Ice Flow To Nowhere

Sometimes it feels like I am one of the penguins in the middle...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Milwaukee 5 And The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

I don't typically like to link to another local bloggers site and tell the world about how fabulous the article they wrote is. Pandering like that is not something that I like to partake in, and my reasons are my own. (In other words, I will not implicate anyone in the local Cheddarsphere. You know who you are...)

But, this article was good. Really good. Sykes does an excellent job of pointing out the liberal hypocrisy that is so apparent in our everyday lives.

This (now you may listen to my own esteemed opinion) should be a bigger story than it is. I don't care if Court TV is covering this trial or not, I haven't heard enough noise around this story in the media, local or otherwise. (By media, I do mean blogs, talk radio, newspapers and local and cable news)

Of course there is a perfectly legitimate reason for this. The MSM doesn't want to point out the blatant hypocrisy and or scandalous nature of the DNC.

But, talk radio? Belling was on Rush Limbaugh two weeks ago and this past Monday and Tuesday. He did not mention a word of it. He had the best opportunity to bring it to a national stage, and he didn't. Shame on him.

In the Cheddarsphere and Blogosphere, I haven't heard enough of it either. (One blog was picked up on Google on the topic "The Milwaukee 5," Michelle Malkin's) Apparently, there is no drive to catch these damn liberals while we have the chance!

There may be redemption, though. IF the Milwaukee five are convicted (personally, I will settle for four of them, one was could get off on a technicality) we in the Cheddarsphere need to scream bloody friggin' murder until everyone in the Blogosphere, talk radio, newspapers, and local and national news programs hear us.

I personally will not let these dirty bastards get away with this if they are found guilty. Furthermore, I will hammer Gwen Moore everyday in this blog if her son and his cronies go down. She will sink with this smelly, foul ship.

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Bush Administration Makes Me Smoke

Apparently actor Sean Penn started smoking again. I really don't care about that part. What I do find interesting, more humorous than anything is who he blames, Bush. I guess the stress of the Bush administration was enough to drive him to smoke even though he quit in 2000 following his father's death due to lung cancer.

I would just like to take this opportunity to point out a couple of things:

1. Actors (and actresses too, were not sexist here) like Sean Penn are great for proving one thing, the stupidity of comments they make when they are "off camera." This one doesn't top my favorite which is a tie between Kanye West and Cameron Diaz.

2. I thought people smoked because of the luring advertisements of tobacco companies and because cool little pre-pubescent Johnny does it, not because of the Bush Administration. I guess I was wrong again.

3. I just quit smoking. I guess I am the odd man out and will continue to be unpopular whilst going against the mainstream grain of the Hollywood elitist types. Oh well, big surprise.

HT: G. Beck

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finally, GM

Finally! Finally GM has introduced the value pricing on their vehicles eliminating rebates for once and for all. Maybe, just maybe, this will stabilize their used and new vehicle markets.

I feel bad for those upside down to the tune of $5k or more, as now the defunct rebates will not aid you in getting out of your loan.

I have been raving on and on about this (in case you aren't a regular) and am glad I am seeing GM take a step in the right direction.


HT: DeLorenzo

This Has Gotta Come Off My Chest

I am sorry. This has got to come off my chest. No award is too important. I will never compromise my posting, beliefs, etc. I have just got to come out and say it.

Raising Chicks is hands down one of the dumbest blogs I have ever seen. Period.

I am sorry. I am sorry if this makes you angry. I am sorry if you won't read my blog anymore. I am sorry if you think my blog is dumb.

Wait a minute! What am I saying?!? I am NOT sorry. That blog is stupid.

That blog is a vapid wasteland and was a waste of my time looking at it. If that blog wins the MKE online blog contest, something is seriously wrong with the voting pool out there (or there was stuffing of the ballot box).

What a stupid blog.

We are dumber for having visited.

'Nuf Said!

Monday, January 09, 2006

I Got Your Back, Jessica

I would like to start this entry letting everyone know that I am typing this with my "formerly nicotine stained" fingers. Thanks to El Rushbo for the line... Moving along.

You know what? I kinda liked Eugene Kane. I don't know why, but I liked to read his columns. Some made me laugh, some made me think, some made sense, some didn't. I know that about 99.9% of the time, I did not agree with him.

Bloggers in the "Cheddarsphere" have been talking about Kane for a couple weeks now more frequently, and I did not want to throw my hat in the ring for a topic I did not care to discuss that much.

But today I changed my mind. I read Kane's blog, and have been reading McBride's blog for quite some time. Kane slams McBride like nobody's business in his blog, and does so with such a cute little elitist attitude (McBride does a great job pointing out his "best blog" comment). How are you going to say you have one of the best blogs only being in the blogosphere for 1 month? Wow, you ARE really full of yourself after that comment.

Kane also does a great job slamming bloggers in general in his January 7th article. I pointed out this same thing over at Dad29. Funny how the guy who condemns blogs and most bloggers is one himself now. Just like most elitist MSM members, he is succumbing to the power of the blog because he has to. Now he will be amongst the "common folk" in this all too new and scary medium.

What it all comes down to here though is that Kane is not going to find sympathy and friends here in the "Cheddarshpere." In this great free thinking forum, he will find that the majority of the people do not agree with him, and won't put up with him tying to force opinions down everyone's throat. The "common folk" have a voice and forum to express it in Kane, and you are now forced to live with it.

I, for one, have got McBride's back. I can list out about 20 - 30 other people who will throw down for her as well. Who do you have, Kane?

Your paper, column, notoriety, and elitist views are falling to the wayside, Kane. Whatcha gonna do?

Took You Long Enough

Finally, a trial for the tire slashers. Finally. I actually forgot about this. I figured that nothing would ever come of it, and no one would ever be punished for it. To my surprise though, I was wrong (for once).

Will they get off? Yeah. Tainted jury pools, useless testimonies, slimy political connections will all add up to equal acquittal. Do I care? Kinda... It's a shame to see slimeballs like these slip through the cracks.

But while we are on the topic... I had initially asked myself these questions when this issue first came along. Maybe someone here can fill me in on some details...

1. Wasn't Gwen Moore's alias "Supreme Muhhamad Allah" something or other? If so, how do you get a name like that?

2. What do you suppose Gwen Moore and former acting mayor Marvin Pratt said to their children when they introduced each other? Here is what I imagined...

"Now you two kids vandalize nicely and work together to damage those republican rented get out the vote vans. If you don't, no ice cream treat later..."

I don't know, maybe it's just me. Maybe coincidence.

3. Isn't that one white guy like 35? Doesn't he seem like the type of guy you always see living with his parents and recently fired from the hemp shop he worked at? What a loser.

And a more recent question...

4. Why is the national AFL-CIO President John J. Sweeney a witness? Was there a labor union dispute in who did more slashing and vandalizing?

Things to ponder. Maybe you can shed some light. And, if they don't go down on these felony charges, hopefully Biskupic will step up with some federal charges. But you can bet I won't be holding my breath.

MKE Online Blog of the Week

I have been informed that my blog has been selected to be in the MKE Online blog of the week contest. Neat-o! If you feel I am worthy of such a great award, feel free to vote for me here. If you don't like my blog, go sit on a tack and vote for whoever.

Friday, January 06, 2006

What Happened to the Classifieds?

I know this post is going to make me sound old. Really old. But, I must comment on this pressing issue without worry of forthcoming labels. What happened to the classified section?

I first noticed on Monday that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel started advertising that you may place ads with a light yellow color background. This color is similar to that of the yellow pages in the phone book. The idea is to get your ad to pop out and draw the attention of the reader's eye. Sounds good to me. But, as you may already know, what looks good on paper isn't always necessarily "good on paper."

I opened the Classified section of the paper today and immediately closed it. I opened again and was blinded by all the yellow. Once my eyes adjusted, I found myself looking at ads for used pianos, pure bred springer spaniels and an available audio tour manager position. Not that I have anything against any of these things, I am not interested in them. Even if I finally locate the ad I am looking for, I am to distracted to read it.

I, for one, would like to see the ads immediately changed back. It won't happen. No one ever listens to me. If you read this blog, you will now be prepared for the inevitable. You will find yourself also looking at ads for springer spaniels if you are not careful, but not without forewarning.

I guess maybe I am just bitching too much. But hey, that's what I have been told one of the perks of getting older is.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Driver's License Legislation Necessary

Today in the Urinal Sentinel on the "Perspectives" page, a one Darlene Mendez writes about the harm that Senate bill 334 and Assembly bill 69 would create for legal and illegal immigrants if passed. She claims "broad repercussions" for all citizens. "Broad repercussions?" What?

I, for one, would like to know how it will be more difficult for me, a Wisconsin resident and citizen, to get my driver's license renewed when the time comes to pass. I have never, not since I started driving, had a problem displaying proof of residency. Why and how would it be difficult for a resident to prove it? Do they not get mail at their address? Do they not file tax returns? Do they not attend some type of school or institution of higher learning? Do they not have a job?

This is a really weak argument. REALLY weak. The most difficulty I have come across in obtaining a driver's license was when it was time for me to assist my sister in getting a state identification card (she chooses not to drive, probably a good thing). In order for us to get her the ID card, we needed to return to the homestead after waiting in the excrutiatingly long line to obtain her tax return in lieu of a piece of personal mail.

OOOOOOH! Big deal! Fine, I have no problem going a little out of my way to secure the interests of the country.

Why, what do you mean "interests of the country?" What could you possibly be eluding to? I'll tell you what I am eluding to. I don't WANT illegals to be able to obtain driver's licenses. Am I racist? No. Are you blind to the fact that we are all, in essence, immigrants and should all have an equal chance? No. Then what, pray tell, DCS would want you to prevent others from taking advantage of the freedoms you have "taken advantage of?"

TERRORISTS! Do you want me to spell it out for you? T-E-R-R-O-R-I-S-T-S. If you have a decent memory, you will recall that the 9/11 plane hijackers all had driver's licenses. This key enabler allowed them to move around and live freely in our country in order to complete their heinous crimes.

Oh, but DCS, none of these illegals applying are terrorists!!! Boo effin' hoo. Too bad. Go back to where it is you came from and obtain a legal means of entry to this country. Once you have done so, I have no problem with you getting a driver's license. According to Mz. Mendez, all you would then need is "...proof of legal permanent or conditional residency, a valid visa, an application for asylum, valid refugee status or an application for legal permanent residency." Is that so difficult? I didn't think so.

And your argument about illegals not coming forward to authorities to report crime and testify? Another weak argument. This isn't a point you can argue considering that it is a hypothetical. You can do better, can't you Mz. Mendez?

And what fake identification black market are you referring to? Oh, I am not naive, I am sure one exists. But it is only a matter of time until law enforcement discovers it and it is shut down. Another weak argument.

"Furthermore, the legislation undermines national security." No, Mz. Mendez, not passing the patriot act undermines national security.

If this legislation isn't passed, what next? Are we going to allow illegals to vote? Should they have that "unalienable" right too? Hmmm, Mz. Mendez?

What a joke this state is becoming. A common sense law like this is a MUST pass law. Without a law like this, we open the door for continuous possibilities for terrorists and attackers. No, I am not being paranoid, I am just thinking with my head. You see, conservatives tend to rely on common sense and good judgement, something I don't expect the liberal readers of this blog to ever understand.