Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Big Surprise, Johnny..

"Heeeeres" Johnny McCain came out in support of gay marriage in his state of Arizona. Big surprise. Obviously going to make a run for office on the republican ticket in 2008, "Heeeeres" Johnny wants to move as far towards the left as he can to pick up vote. A true RINO (Republican in name only for you newbies out there), he is pulling the same dog and pony show as Hillary, dodging questions of abortion and such and taking a more moderate standpoint. I wish Ronald was here to run.... has an article here:

Let the games begin!

Hurricane Katrina and the Aftermath

There is so much to touch on with this subject, let's dive right in.

First, the liberals have blamed Bush. Of course it's Bush's fault. Everything is his fault. It's his fault I fell and scraped my knee for cryin' out loud!!! Gees, what will the left think up next. Due to global warming and ocean surface temperatures rising because of it, the hurricane was created. And, it's Bush's fault for not creating more stringent clean air standards. Of course, you know global warming only has occurred in the last 6 years, conveniently enough during Bush's presidency. Oh, and by the way, statistical evidence shows that ocean temperatures are only 10% of the cause of a hurricane.... Hmmm... But Bush had to of created the hurricane so he could raise gas prices, again. Right? Conveniently right before a holiday weekend, right?? Right?!?!?!? This way he can fatten the wallets of his oil buddies. Right? Please tell me I'm right! ............... AAARGHHH!!! You people make me sick! Where do you come up with these ridiculous schemes!?! I can't even dream up shit like this! You people are out of control! It's asinine comments like these that make me want to vomit. Moving on form this charade...

Stop looting. Looting will not make the flood go away. Don't shoot at the cops with AK-47s. That will not make the flood go away. Get the hell out of the region before you drown. Do we have to ask you nicely? Are you civilized people living in a civilized country? Yes. Then stop acting like you live in a third world country. FEMA is going to take care of you and your problems. We can clean this up and work together to make this all better. Just please stop acting like animals, be civilized.

My thoughts and prayers do go out to all of those people who are living through this nightmare right now, and all of those with friends and families in the effected area.

Finally, for right now, raise your hand if you think that all of the countries that donated money to help the tsunami victims are going to donate money to the U.S. to help us. Go ahead, don't be shy. Raise your hands. That's what I thought. No one is going to help us, we have to do it all by ourselves. What a bunch of bull. I can go on and on with this piece for hours, but won't. It's just very typical.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

F&#@ to the Fifth

Whooo doggie, a foul blog and I'm not even one sentence into it. Apparently in one school in England it is acceptable to use the F word or derivations of it up to five times in one lesson.

Article provided here ->

Wow. This is the beginning of the end of morals as we know it. What's next?? Only one fight at a time, kids. Only one weapon in your bag, kids. Only one sexual relief break per day, kids (condoms provided by the school nurse).

I'm serious, this is real. This kind of crap is going to slowly become more socially acceptable in our culture. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's happening in England right now, not here. You wait, you just wait and see where it's all going. Right down the crap shoot, and were going with it. Remember my blog about prosti-tots... (if not, read it in my August archive). I am ill thinking about it.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Car of the Week

Well, well, well, I stand officially corrected. It looks as if I finally will feature a domestic vehicle on my prestigious website. I found something I like, and wouldn't you know it, the Zephyr is underpinned by an import. The new Lincoln Zephyr (pictured above) is the latest edition to the Lincoln line up and their latest attempt at the entry luxury sedan segment.

Based off of a Mazda 6 utilizing the Ford 3.0L Duratec V6 with i-VCT (intake variable cam timing, same setup as VVT or variable valve timing in the Mazda 6), the engine will produce 210 HP and attached to the 6 speed automatic transmission (a Mazda 6 tranny) will probably produce 30mpg on the highway (my guess, average mileage).

I like this car. I like this car a lot. Now, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that the only reason I like this car is because it is built off of a Mazda 6 platform and that I am posting it so that I don't seem so biased. Well, you are wrong. The styling of this vehicle strikes me very well, and the interior looks top notch in the pictures. Considering that the engineers took the undepinnings of an award winning reliable sedan, I think that the car will fare well in road test and reliability predictions. Time will tell the ultimate story, of course, and will come back to bite me in the ass if I am wrong.

For more information visit:

For the record, the new Ford Fusion is also built off of the Mazda 6 platform and I don't like it at all. It's is unoffensive to the eye, which is the only reason it will sell. See, have a look for yourself..

This will now be a weekly feature in my blog, automobile of the week. If you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to post. Ultimately I am right because it is my website.

Go Away Cindy

Go away. Nobody wants to hear you talk anymore. You are inherently annoying. Your 15 minutes of fame are over. Nobody wants to hear your bullshit anymore. You did it though. You parlayed your own son's death into whatever fame an fortune you have run into. What next though? A bus tour across the U.S. you say? Don't come to Milwaukee. You'll find a spike strip in the road and a carton of eggs soon to be airborne. We don't want you to cram that political propagandist bullshit down our throats. Don't come here. What are you gonna do after the bus tour? Are you going to become a movie star? You have friends in the business, like Martin Sheen. Did you give him some photos of yourself for his agent? Oh, I suppose you are right. They have seen enough of you on the tellie. They know you have one ugly mug. Hope it all works out for you. I hope degrading your dead child's name was worth it. I hope that you get what you bargained for. But tell me one thing Cindy? What's it like? What's it like to dance with the devil and shake his hand?

Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm attempting to quit smoking. I don't have a whole lot of support from really anyone. Everyone is kinda giving me crap telling me that there is no way that I can do it. You have to know me on a personal level on this one. Mentally, I am a strong person, but physically, well, sometimes not. I like taverns and I like the night life. I like enjoying a good beer with my friends. I can handle not smoking at work(barely, there are people here who drive me up the wall sometimes), but drinking a beer without a smoke? That's gonna be a tough.

There are a lot of positives to this though. I am not spend $30 - $40 a week an a bad habit. My lungs don't hurt. My clothes already smell better. All of those things I didn't really mind... It was a package deal before, what you saw is what you got. Now, in Milwaukee, everyone smokes. Everyone. Obviously not everyone smokes, but a lot of us do. There is no smoking ban, and there probably will never be. It feels as though I may have lost a little edge, you know what I mean?

This crap is all in my head. Just the start really of a bunch of stuff I have been thinking about. I can't even concentrate today on finding something to bitch about. That's probably the reason for my weak posts from yesterday too. There are a lot of ugly cars out there and I missed a bunch. I'm gonna have to repost a new list.

I'll keep you updated in my fight against smoking.

Certified Pre Owned

I know that a lot of people come to this website for unbiased opinions on the auto industry. I appreciate that you trust me, DCS, for all of your automotive buying needs. If you are looking for an used car that comes with coverage, check out the VW certified pre owned program. The cars come with a 2 yr./24k mile "bumper to bumper" warranty. This CPO program was rated #1 in the country by intellichoice for 2005.

Story outlined on MSN for your reference. Any questions, just blog.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hideous Cars...

First, the new B9 Tribeca from Subaru. This is an ugly car. Very ugly. It makes you wonder what the designers had in mind when they designed this car. "Hmmm, do we want to see if we make make a crossover SUV/Minivan even more unattractive? Is it actually possible?" I swear that they had to be asking themselves this when they made this car. Furthermore, what is with the shitty ad campaign? 'Dust in the Wind' is becoming a really annoying song. Having heard it a million times coming out of peoples' mouths after the movie 'Old School' I don't want to hear it on an SUV commercial. Proof again that the execs at GM are cooking up and smoking some serious crank....

Next, I know I'm gonna catch some flak from this one, the '06 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I hate this car more than the last one. It has become more bulbous in the bumbers and the belt lines. It looks like a new wife after two years, filled out. The lights and front end resemble that of a small rodent. The only thing appealing about this vehicle is the powerful V6 they dumped under the hood, but, even then you can waith for that in the next gen R32 Golf. Mitsu, the only manufacturer who has to offer 0% right now to sell their cars, is still in trouble, and not going to be saved by the new Eclipse.

I have always like the WRX STi. I even like the plain old WRX. Now, I am not quite sure. Why is Subaru going down this styling road? Why does GM have to bury everything that they touch. I'm really on the fence with this car, we'll just have to wait and see.

What? What? They are really serious about this car? This looks like an old lego creation of mine. I had no idea until now that this car was on the way. It is really hideous. I don't love what you do for me, Toyota. I think it's a mistake and will follow the Pontiac Aztek quickly, just like the Do Do bird. In a time where gas has hit almost $3.00 per gallon, you need to build an attractive SUV to sell it, not this thing.

I'll keep you posted in the world of hideous rides anytime I see something that needs to be put down.

Dark Clouds Loom

It's going to be a long, long season. Power rankings were released on MSN today for the NFL and I'm not surprised to see the Packers where they are, 24th on the list of 32.

If you are a fan like me, you watched the last preseason game vs. the Buffalo Bills in disgust. What has Jim Bates been doing in Green Bay? It's pretty evident that he is not showing his defensive players how to tackle because, like last season, not a single one of those guys can tackle. Basic, fundamental tackling! Didn't we learn this shit in junior high school football? Have we forgotten already? We cheeseheads are going to have to get cheeseheads made of swiss to represent the holes are defense has in it. Offenese? Brett Favre will make it happen, as he always does. But our defense stinks something so foul I can smell it down here in Milwaukee.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Like Michael Graham who was fired from AM 630 WMAL and what he has to say. Saw him on the O'Reilly Factor last night, best to him and his future projects. (There will be a morning slot available in 6 months on ISN in Milwaukee)

Rev. Pat Robertson is a total idiot. 'Nuf said.

Something smells funny between Dieter Zetsche, Benz's new CEO, and Wolfgang Bernhard, head of VW. Good friends now collaborating to make a VW badged Chrysler van... stinky. See it here:

Cindy Sheehan, shut the f*#k up!!!!! Nobody cares, especially your family!

5 minutes of ranting today, nothing more.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

New MX-5 Miata, NOT a Chick Car...

I am sick and tired of hearing the same old crap come out of most guys' mouths. 'It's a chick car. All you see are fags and too chic chicks driving it...'

Well, here is the new one. I have blogged about this previously, but I am going to disspell the rumors of a new chick car now. It's design is tougher, it's engine is more powerful, it has gained only a few pounds, and it's ride is vastly improved. I know, I am fortunate enough to have driven the vehicle and formed my very own opinion on it (unlike most naysayers who just spew b.s. not having driven it).

Furthermore, every major publication has given it a positive review...

Car and Driver

Road and Track


Motor Trend

Some of these rags won't give you the article online, you have to go to the newsstand and buy the rag (the most important rag and review that actually counts is from C&D). Go ahead and do it if you want to try and argue with me on this one. Better yet, go drive the car. Truly this car continues the legend.

Not in this blog today, but in the near future we will look into the much anticipated Pontiac Solstice for a much anticipated comparo. I am actually excited to see if GM has produced a worthy competitor.

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin...

I actually had a civil conversation on this topic with clients of mine at my desk before we negotiated figures on a new Golf. My clients were very, very left. They were so left that I had to lean to my right to present the figures...(ha ha ha). As much as we disagreed on many topics, some I wouldn't touch (I was trying to sell them a car), they agreed with me on this common sense topic.

I have to show my ID at a tavern I frequent to get a drink! Why not to vote? I don't care, I have one. I need it to do a lot of things. I stood in line at the DMV to get it, mine happens to be a drivers liscense. (surprised that I have one still, huh?) I recently visited the DMV with my younger sister, who was desperate to spread her wings and leave the nest, and needed an ID. Although it took some verification that she was who she claimed to be (a peice of business related mail[utility bill], tax return, school ID) we got her an ID. Now she can buy cigarettes. She can even play bingo at the Pot, although I am not going to tell her that.

Mark Belling has an article here:

If you have listened to his radio show, you understand his style and the article is a little better to read (the sarcasm eeks out). He is really on the money in this article.

Doyle claims now that to require an ID for identification it will disenfranchise voters. You know what? I don't want people voting in an election for a public servant of any kind if they cannot go to the DMV and get an ID. I don't mind if it's just an ID, it doesn't even have to be a drivers liscense for crying out loud! (like that's really difficult to get) Again, to get and ID you need to live somewhere with an address(cardboard boxes and overpasses obviously don't count), get some type of bill which would require a job to pay for said bill, and have attended some type of institution of learning where a photo ID is provided for you by the school (high schools all do this). If you can't do these things, don't bother to vote. You do not have the capacity to make a political decision requiring you to examine a candidate's platform to decide if you like his ideas.

All said and done, the people typically voting for the left are the aforementioned. Doyle needs them and the vote frauders to win, and we won't see the voter ID requirement as long as he is in office in this state.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Is It Just Me??

Okay, enough with the happy crap, it's time to get down to the meat and potatoes. Is anyone here familiar with the term "Prostitot"? (Like prostitute, but with a tot on the end). I did not coin this phrase, Glenn Beck of the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck Radio Program did. If you happen to have him broadcasting in your area, you are lucky (he no longer is syndicated in Milwaukee which is a travesty). Essentially the definition of a "prostitot" is a young girl, anywhere from ages 8 to 17, who dresses like a tramp. Now, I am only 23, and I was only 13 ten years ago (check the math... carry the two.. Yup, that's right), and chicks did NOT dress like that. I'm not upset that they didn't dress like that, I am glad. I do have sisters that age, and they know not to try and pull that kind of crap.

This small sub culture of America is dangerous. Little girls are growing up way too fast and putting themselves in potentially promiscuous situations where their moral integrity could be questioned. Outrageous. I am being serious in this post in regards to the danger. I know that I generally approach things with a swagger and a little sarcasm (yeah right), but this is serious business.

So what? Right? What do you, the reader, do to stop these "prostitots"? Expose them. Whenever you see a "prostitot" inform her that she is dressed in a visually upsetting manner and that she should report home and dress in a appropriate manner. We can fight this problem together.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by the good people here at Disgruntledcarsalesman.blogspotcom.

Risky Picture Post

This is a risky picture post. I'm not saying I agree with this guy.... ah, who am I kidding! I love it, I love it. This guy has cajones the size of grapefruits. The reaction on that chicks face is priceless too. I love it!

Who the Hell Are You???

So I take a trip to Austin, TX. two weekends ago and, of course, take some pictures to remember my trip. While out cruising the local bars on Friday night, I happen to run across the most gorgeous bar waitress of all time. I talked with her very briefly and ask for a picture with her, and she obliges. Get home, develop the pictures and see this weird looking babe over my right shoulder. Who are you crack head hula girl?!? Typical. Probably one of the hottest chicks I'll ever be with in a picture and someone has to ruin it.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of this woman(?) or who she is, let me know. I'm not quite sure what I would do with the information, but I would like to expose her as an unwanted picture intruder.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Consumerism in America

In the Urinal Sentinel today on the editorial page, a one Derrick Jackson from the Boston Globe writes a piece about the evolving culture in America. (Side note: What's with all of these guest editorialist in the Urinal Sentinel? Does anyone in Milwaukee have an opinion. To whom it may concern at the Urinal Sentinel: I would be glad to voice my opinions weekly in your fine publication and be paid for it, and I reside in Milwaukee.) Mr. Jackson discusses the war in Iraq and the evolving consumer culture of America, trying to relate the two somehow. I would like to discuss his opinion on the bigger is better theory that we live by in this country, I don't have the energy the go into the banter of the Iraqi war.

Jackson basically states that in the last four or so decades numbers reflecting the oil/gas consumption in the US and the need to move farther away from cities into "exubia" (as he affectionately calls it).

To start, what is wrong with people driving SUVs? Why can't we drive these road hogging behemoth vehicles? I believe that the one of the basic beliefs of this country is the freedom of choice. Or, freedom, period. If I want to drive a big friggin' semi 'rig to work down Bluemound Rd. going 25 mph at 4500 rpms towing 10,000 lbs of fish guts, that's my choice. I will also be stuck with a ridiculous gas bill, but if I can afford it, why not? I'm not saying that I don't believe in moderation, but I won't be caught attacking one of the freedoms this nation promises to all of it's citizens. (For the record, I drive a '97 War Wagon* - Ed.) The tie that I think Jackson is trying to make here is that we are in Iraq to secure our interests in oil, not to eradicate terrorist and evil tyrants whom are menaces to the world. (incidentally, we get the majority of our oil from Saudi Arabia...) Bottom line is that gas prices aren't going up because people in this country drive gas guzzlin' SUVs everywhere, it's because gasoline and oil are in more demand. Basic economics people. You see, crude oil, a raw material, is very scarce. When demand for said scarce resource increases, so does the price. The fact of the matter is that recently Mexico, China, and Africa have become world players. Because these countries are growing and becoming more civilized, demand for crude oil as a raw material and gasoline have increased in these countries, world demand has increased. Keep in mind that not many new refineries have been made lately (none in the US in twenty years), and can only produce so much gasoline for the new world market. In addition, I believe that inflation is starting to finally play a part in gasoline pricing. It has been cheap for a very long time.

Second, what's wrong with people moving to "exurbia," or an outlying area? Why can't we build bigger houses on larger parcels of land if we want? Had it occurred to Jackson that maybe people like the peace and quiet the countryside offers? Had it occurred to Jackson that maybe people like the safety that "exurbia" offers? I know Jackson writes for a newspaper, but has he read one lately. I don't quite have a running count year to date, but I am willing to bet pretty big coin that there are more murders year to date in urban areas than there are in "exurbia." Who cares if people want bigger homes? Do I sense a hint of jealousy? Where do you live Mr. Jackson? How big is your family? Is your house 983 square feet big like in 1970, or is it bigger? How trivial to discuss the size of people's houses and to question their motives in moving farther away from the city. Again, it's a guaranteed constitutional right, a freedom if you will in this country.

Bottom line, I believe that certainly modesty and living within one's means and virtues that more people need to consider when deciding their lifestyles. But, to question the very basic rights this country has to offer is ridiculous, and un - American.

*See small, tiny, compact car - Ed.

Columbia Journalism Review... I'm a Journalist???

My blog has been featured on the Columbia Journalism Review website, or Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself at

I am honored to actually have someone with a "professional" opinion recognize my ranting and raving, although it seems as if to me they missed some of my point, the most important part. The underlying idea of my blog which I posted on Aug. 17th (the only one on the 17th, just scroll down to read), was that she is just contradicting everything that she writes/preaches. She attacks Goldberg for only listing liberals in the public eye in his book, or at least the ones that she discusses in her editorial. She then turns around and lists nothing but conservatives and conservative-moderates in her OWN editorial. The article she writes is such a joke. It's okay for her to condemn those who do not see eye to eye with her. But, when someone of the opposing opinion attacks her flock of a feather, that's a no-can-do. It's contradictory, it's... it's... it's making the room spin and I am now ill.

Thanks to the for the recognition. This post is for those who come to see my site from theirs. It emphasizes the most important point of my ranting, contradiction. Or, as a liberal editorialist will call it, fact for the left, conservative hate speech from the right.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Left Wing Media, More Propaganda

Robyn Blumner, who are you kidding? In today's Urinal Sentinel Editorial page, guest columnist Robyn Blumner from the St. Petersburg Times critiques conservative author Bernard Goldberg's book "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America." In her article she criticizes Goldberg because the majority of his list is liberal and left wing media moguls in addition to several Hollywood personalities that are spreading filth through their own avenues. So, Robyn created a shorter list, seven to be exact. Before revealing her list she goes on to mention that Bush and Cheney as well as several current elected officials and Supreme Court Justices would top the list, but that would be too obvious. Robyn then goes on to attack Catholics, Christians, and a couple of conservatives as well as the Kenneth Lay types. I don't have a problem with her attacking the latter of the aforementioned, but let's just compare the filth spreaders to Catholics and Christians.

Yeah, people spreading religious beliefs and morals are to blame for the "screwing up" of this country, certainly not those spreading filth through television into the impressionable minds of children. These types can hardly be blamed for the downfall of American culture and society as a whole. In case you couldn't tell, I am being sarcastic. How ridiculous for her to believe that Hollywood is more righteous than Chritianity or Catholicism.

Now, for just a second, let's look at her attack on the conservatives, she is just spreading her "naive" (as she put it) rantings. Clearly a liberal, she takes advantage of her column space to put her own slant on it. This woman acts as if she is expressing her opinion for all of her readers as well. "We're not gonna take it! No, we're not gonna take it!" She complains about Roger Ailes, chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel and how he expects news on his channel to be delivered with a slant. What about CNN, you know, the Commie News Network, the Clinton News Network, the network that hated giving the election to Bush and waited the longest they could to assign a state to him in their predictions during the last election?!?

People like Robyn in the media piss me off something fierce. Just like every liberal they will spew nothing but propaganda expecting the American public to believe it. Well, Miz Blumner, I'm not going to take it, and will strike thee down in every blog until you get it.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Check Mate Cindy Sheehan....

I cannot resist this story, easily one of the best of all time. This babe gets upset because her boy dies in Iraq, understandably so. So she meets with GW Bush, and after their meeting demands to see him again. Because he doesn't have time to meet with her again, she camps outside of the Crawford, TX. Ranch. Media is all over the place having a field day with this story and she in the mean time is bitchin' and moanin' about this and that. Pull the troops out of Iraq, tell the Israeli government to pull their troops out of Palestine, wah wah wah. So her family releases a letter to the Drudge Report website denouncing her and professing that she has nothing to do with their thoughts and beliefs. What does her husband do? Patrick Sheehan files for divorce. What a trip, what a trip.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nothing today...

Nothing to really talk about today. I'm preparing to fly out this evening. Good article on though, check it out.

See you next Monday.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dr. Phil, You've Cured Him..

This is kind of an unfair title to this post for Dr. Phil, because he actually never talked to this guy. Apparently, according to the fine reporting of the Urinal Sentinel, a guy in Fredonia, WI. decided to stage a kidnapping of his estranged wife. The two had been married 36 years, but seperated since September of '02. He decided that he needed to scare her to get her to come to terms with reality. He got this marvelous idea from a Dr. Phil show that a "good scare" is good for some people once in a while. Now, I didn't watch the show, and I'm sure that this idea was taken out of context, but what was this guy thinking??!?! Oh, yeah, have an off duty sheriff (that's who he hired for this stunt and agreed to pay $1000 to) kidnap your estranged wife, rob her, "bruise" her a little and stuff her in the trunk, drive the car to the middle of nowhere, and smash all the windows. That is really going to make your wife come running back into your arms. How about a boquet of f%#king flowers?? Idiot. Wow.

The second time today that a subject has made me ill. The bile is creeping.

Proving the Insanity in Madison Once Again...

My father was right, Madison is not only the capitol of Wisconsin, but the capitol for wackos, perverts, liberals, idiots, etc. Today in the Urinal Sentinel was an article about three professors at the "esteemed" UW - Madison. These three professors have been convicted of crimes ranging from stalking to child molestation and still recieve paychecks, while incarcerated mind you. What are the officials at that institution smoking??? The claim is that the University has to make their own investigation and that the professors should be allowed the benefit of due process. Didn't that just occur in a court of law? Furthermore, how does a court of law not have prevalence in all investigations? What is there to investigate? Dammit, the idiocy of this makes my hands tremble, and it is becoming difficult to type. Wow.... wow. I just cannot believe it.

This subject is making me ill, I have to stop.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Hate Tuesdays... Love Trash Talkers

I hate Tuesdays. Tuesdays are my Mondays. Nothing ever happens on Tuesdays, they just drag on and on and on. The weekend feels like an eon away.

But this Tuesday, I like this Tuesday. Lots of trash talking anonymous posters on my blog trying to bust up my posts. That's fine, that's fine. Bring it on like a man and post your name. I'm all for freedom of speech, it is what makes this country great. But, if you are going to express your freedom on my blog, you better pick up your skirt, grab your balls, and man up to your post. Let me know who you are, I'll come onto your blog and see what you have to say. But I know your type, you anonymous bloggers, you won't man up to your posts. You'll just continue to be wussy and sit in your little hole on your "box" typing away.

Incidentally, I am trying to clean up my language on my blog, which is why you'll see a clean post here, ahem.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Cat Stacking

Somebody posted anonymously regarding a website called This website shows pictures people can post of stuff they stack on their cats when they are sleeping or laying down, etc. What is really funny is that this is something that my brother and I dabbled in as long as two years ago. My brother used to have three obese cats. The largest, "D", we were able to stack 8 to 10 items on before he would move anywhere. Remote controls, wallets, ash trays, car keys were all fair game. It was amusing at the time, but it never dawned on me that I could turn a hobby into a website that would generate cash flow. My brother's and my idea has been pirated, and I want my benefits, dammit! Well, I'm to lazy to do anything about it so I will just enjoy the pictures. Check it out.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


The new Passat comes equipped with a Dynaudio sound system that will blow you away. A thousand dollar stand alone option, anyone who listens to any type of music or talk in their car ever should consider this vehicle and this exclusive option. The cabin was designed in part by Dynaudio and VW engineers to give you the best sound quality possible. Coming from a veteran ex-audio salesman and audio enthusiast, it is bar none the best system in every aspect that I have ever heard in a vehicle, period. Check it out. Any questions about it, post me.

What a drag day... Can't wait for Austin, TX

Slow. It is really, really slow. I'm talking slower than molasses in Alaska in December slow. Fine, whatever, I'll just sit here and blog to pass time, I'll worry about selling a car later on tonight. That's the problem with this job, the ups and downs are more severe than a roller coaster at Six Flags Great America. Of course, if I were hourly pay, I wouldn't have the opportunity to express my sordid views to you, the reader of this fine blog. So, I would appreciate feedback, it would at least make me feel as if I served some purpose today.

Next week for those who don't already know, I will be visiting the fine city of Austin. If you don't want to run into me, stay away from the sixth street vicinity in downtown. It has actually come to my attention that they have a Coyote Ugly bar there like the one in the movie. I never saw the movie, but I think I got the gist of it from the commercials. Now this can be a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, I like the thought of half drunken women (and half drunken me) dancing on bars. On the other hand, I am not a cowboy, nor do I pretend to be. I think everything will go well if I get a big belt buckle. Any suggestions, or tourist tips, let me know.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It has come to my attention that after having looked at other people's blogs for about a half hour that I have the most boring life on the planet. I don't get the chance to talk about my dog or my baby (I don't have either). I don't get to talk about any exotic trips that I have taken (I haven't taken any). I don't get to talk about the type of underwear I buy, or the type of boy I ran into today, or why pms sucks, or why I need to lose 2 more pounds by the fifth so I can fit into my skinny jeans for my ex-boyfriend's birthday party (I am not a woman). I don't get to talk about poems, or poetry, or Roald Dahl (I don't care). I don't get to post a zillion pictures of my cat sitting on the sofa (I have a sofa, and a cat, no digital camera, nor do I think anyone wants to see pictures of my cat - seen one, seen 'em all). I also don't get the chance to talk about various blog advertisements for watches or TVs or other stolen goods, or pornography (I don't steal and try to sell it and I don't have a harem of beautiful women, and as we discussed, I don't have a digital camera).

In conclusion, I am glad that my life is boring and I don't have the means to talk about all that crap. I do have a nephew, but I'll brag about him elsewhere, he's not really mine to show off anyway. Which is why in the future I will stick to things that I pretend to know about.

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Further evidence that I have been saying all of this all along. Too bad, so sad. Your product sucks, Big 3, and now there is shit you can do about it. Lick your wounds, wait a couple years, come back and let's try again.

Round 1 winners, everyone but you.

Imagine That, I Was Right Again

Yes, that's right, I was right again. What can I say? Thank you. Thank you all for your love and support. A couple blogs back I mentioned the need for you, my reader, to frequently view and the wonderful views they express regarding da' biz. Well, although it seems that they agree with me regarding GM moving away from rebates and "deals", they brought up a much more fascinating point I had not gone into depth on in this blog (elsewhere in spoken word, just not here).

It seems as if to the experts, myself included, that GM/FoMoCo/DamChry. are all in a world of trouble relying on salesmanship to move their products instead of the deal. Although long term this is the best thing that the Big 3 can do, short term will mean show rooms similar to that of Air America's audience, no interested customers. Salespeople for the Big 3 are literally going to starve, especially in the Midwest. Why here? Keep reading the "On The Table" section of the website and you will find that reports indicate that domestic brand loyalty also does not exist here with the increase of imported brands. Glad I work at an import dealer, and that I have been here long enough where I cannot be dethroned too easily.

Interested in learning more, feel free to post a comment. Watch what you post, I do this for a living and have a lot of free time. Heh heh heh...

Monday, August 01, 2005

New MX-5

The new Miata is just around the corner, although Mazda has decided to drop the Miata name plate and refer to it just as the MX-5. Bold move if you ask me, but all is forgiven when you get in this car and take it for a test drive.

Every single aspect of the car has been improved, and it shares no parts from the previous generation Miata. The previous generation had been in production from '98 til late '04 when the factory burned down, so we have been without this little icon in showrooms for about a year now. A great little car as it was, but as Motor Trend put it best in their September '05 edition, "The new MX-5 is just like that bubbly, blonde cheerleader you knew in high school 15 years ago. Only now she's grown up and has a college degree. She's also put on a few more pounds. But she still knows all the moves."

The new MX-5 has gone through a painstaking engineering process where the ultimate goal was to change and improve the vehicle enough to make it new and exciting, but at the same time not alienate the Miata enthusiasts. The car has only gained 316 lbs. since the original 1989 model, but has improved vastly in size, power, performance, and creature comforts. If you are looking for something to ease your mid life crisis, or something that you can take down to the SCCA club track on the weekends, ladies and gentlemen, this is your car.

The new MX-5 is scheduled for arrival in late August/early September.